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Confession Tuesday (deb)

Another trip to the confessional…

~ My creative non-fiction (CNF) class is over and I have no plans for any more classes until January 2009 when this group (hopefully 7 of our 9 stick with it) reunites, as we’ve all promised each other. I’d love to take another poetry class (David Biespiel is teaching both summer and fall) but I am not up for it financially or temporally (I’m time-challenged). Plus, if I take another class right now my husband will probably throw a (tender-hearted) fit (he misses having me around).

~ I’ll miss Community Arts at Menucha this year (I had a fabulous time last year and swore I’d go again. Martha Gies is teaching short story and I am both intrigued by it and frightened. I don’t do short story. Of course, three years ago I didn’t write at all. Some day I will try my hand at short story. It can only help my poetry and CNF, right?

~ But the point is right now I need to sit with myself and pen & paper and write. And think. And listen. And read. And revise. (Thanks, again January, for a fabulous article on revision!)

~ At least the CNF writing class has agreed with ourselves to meet once a month. Nice, eh? On the 2nd Thursday of every month. We’ll rotate three to bring work to critique. I am group B, and will send out “something” to everyone the 1st week of August.

~ Last Sunday (which turned out to be a blessedly beautiful day in Portland) I joined back up with a poetry critique group I hadn’t met with for 3-4 months. It was hard to pull myself out of the garden (weeds, weeds, weeds, two intertwined kiwi vines that needed to be pruned back – it goes nuts this time of year, and planting tomatoes and herbs I bought 3 weeks ago!) But it was a lovely couple of hours. I learn so much reading other people’s work and having people give me their impressions of mine. This is a much younger group than any other I am involved with. And that adds a freshness and perspective I enjoy. I also hope to stave off the grumpiness that comes from hanging out with only my own age group.

~ I appreciate that I mix with a wide age group (I have friends ranging from mid-20s to mid 70s). Now to mix up class and race. It’s all pretty upper-middle class white. And being ensconced in my-little-group has its limits.

~ It is a little annoying to see those beautiful fresh faces with dewy clear complexions. I swear. They do have dewy skin. And cute clothes tightly grazing small rounded stomachs. I always feel so large. Not just overweight, but big.

~ Although I went to my gyno for a check-up (all is well, thank you) and am 1 ¾” shorter than I was at those girls – women’s – ages. Get your calcium, ladies. And do weight-bearing exercise. I’m not in great shape at the moment, but I mostly have been in the last 30 years. What would have happened had I not had plenty of milk and exercise?

~ I am putting off writing a love letter to my mother. It’s complicated. She has congestive heart failure. And I keep putting it off. Crap. I want to write a series of vignettes rather than a love letter. I need to do this. There are no guarantees.

~ I still love Mark Doty. Adore him. I am as enamored with Dog Years as I was with Providence of a Sparrow. I cried reading it last night. That’s not a bad thing.

Hope my fellow confessors had/ have a good week. Whirling Dervish: why do you have an axe (hatchet?) in your car?


  1. I have Dog Years at home but have yet to read it. Doty’s an amazing poet and reader. Love attending his events.

    Hope you can manage writing that love letter. Do it soon.

    And I’m happy your class has ended so you can have a mental break. Besides, it frees you up to write and revise.

  2. I’m reading Firebird now (All the copies of Dog Years were checked out!)

  3. Kate has an axe in her car?


  4. Jan, I’ll keep an eye our for Doty. Thankfully we get a lot of great folks in Portland (and have some, too!)

    Dale, I’ll be interested to see what you think of Firebird.

    apassingmonth, That’s what she said in her post about breaking into her own house!