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It’s a USPS kind of month or two. I’ll be getting and sending good mail.

First there is poetry post card month (August).  Here‘s a description of the project with a link to the sign-up. We’re supposed to send out our first card the 27th and keep sending them, hopefully in response to the ones we recieve. I took an easy way out and got a couple of cool books-of-post-cards at Powell’s, the largest bookstore in the world. Now to get some additional postcard stamps!

Next is the Poetry Swap that Dustin Brookshire has organized. This project lasts about two months. I’ve been paired and should recieve something in the mail in a week or two. I’m excited to “meet” my poetry pal. I have no idea who it might be!

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  1. I’m signed up for the Poetry Postcard project in August already. I don’t think I can do both though. I might give it more thought over the weekend and see if I change my mind. Have a wonderful day.