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‘I and the Bird’ and poetry

I and the Bird #113 includes a snippet of one of my bird poems about bushtits. Go read the entire post. It has lots of bird poetry!

bushtit pair

(This is a photo from a while back. Recently the sun hasn’t been shining and there have been a couple dozen bushtits feeding at this and a nearby suet feeder several times a day.)

Birds and poetry go together like burgers & fries, hot dogs & beer, red wine & chocolate. Just to name a few select pairings.


  1. ever the classless chick, your mention of a bird i’ve never heard of — the bushtit — made me laugh out loud. please excuse my humor (which is somewhere at the level of an 8-year-old boy — when in Rome! … ).

    but what i’m really here to say is: great job on the publication of the snippet!

  2. crap — when i said “classless chick” i was talking about myself, not you. i don’t know if that’s clear the way my sentence is written. oy!

  3. congratulations, it looks like a good issue!

    I’ve never heard of bushtits and in fact thought that only the Brits called birds tits (blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits and of course great tits).

    • The States have titmouse, too, although I’ve never seen them. (Tufted, plain, oak, etc.)

      According to Wikipedia, “The name titmouse is recorded from the 14th century, composed of the Old English name for the bird, mase (Proto-Germanic *maison, German Meise) and tit, denoting something small.”

      I think the Wiki article does a fantastic job listing the various birds and their orders: