Stoney Moss

dabble and whatnot, mostly poetry

stones; a river: 31

* * *

January is full of surprises:
clouds playing king of the hill
with a tree, a sky like summer.
Flowers flirting with a scanty sun.
…….soft as pillows.

* * *

My last for this January’sĀ A River of Stones. VisitĀ the comments section here to see the other January 31 stones.

* * *
I’m not going to continue posting these word-images self-collaborations, at least not on a daily basis, but I will keep writing stones, and will play with art, too. It’s been a fun & contemplative process. Thank you to Fiona & Kaspa for organizing this, and to the readers who read & looked. xoxo


  1. The animism in this is just awesome… those clouds especially, tumbling around like little kids.

  2. this one is very playful! really great!

    and please do keep posting musings and poems and art. otherwise, i’ll never get this scowl off my face. and i’ll get scowl wrinkles and i’ll blame you and then the whole rest of or friendship will be tainted by the blame and the scowl wrinkles and not even a ginger cosmo will be a balm.

    well, maybe it will be somewhat of a balm. and maybe two or three of them will erase the blame and the scowl (and the wrinkles?). and we will go on as we are.

    so never mind.

    but please keep posting bits and pieces of things like this one. :)