Stoney Moss

dabble and whatnot, mostly poetry

April 23



Recall the trajectory
between two points
the division of have
and have nots, the wrong
side of the tracks
the way lyrics stick
and repeat way past any
asking or sensibility
how children are taught
to move between boundaries
all in the name of fitting in
and it’s not such a bad
lesson to learn to get
along, but every once
in a while, every one
needs to move out of bounds.

* * *

So this one is kind of a plug. That’s my photo, above. One included in VoiceCatcher 6, and one that will be hung on a wall (in affordable alligator board with stand-off mounting) along with four or five other black and white photos. In a gallery show. Next month. Come if you can. See the sidebar for more information.

And if anyone needs an image to write to, ekphrasisaly, have at my photo. Just give me the link-love.

* * *

Some folks are participating in a Couplets blog tour, coordinated by Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot Books. Angie Werren will be sharing her micro-poetry space at feathers with other poets. Sherry Chandler is also participating. Do give a read.


  1. Fantastic! Wonderful picture, wish I could be at the opening.

    • Thank you, Rachel!!!! I love your photos, so your comment means an especial lot. (Hm. So much for being a word-wrangler. That was clunky!)