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April 24

Without a bit of d-e-b

Rough pain is so much magic:
a chain, a car, a lost facility.
Join short rain maniacs to jot
our own costs in ink, float as if
ions still arc or is naturally a gas,
a cross. Lump all grass & snack on
coattails with a formula to floss
any flow, lyrical, particular, a ghost
not wrong in fog. Spigot a crag
in our crop, a way to cuss, to quit –
no – sway. Plug your contract jack
to our country, arch situations
cannot fossil now. Oh! rally
supply conscious intact.

* * *

Well. That was interesting, for me, and not likely for readers. :-) It was a word-play: “Today’s challenge is a lipogram/Beautiful Outlaw/Beautiful In-Law. A lipogram is a poem that explicitly refrains from using certain letters. The most classic letter to swear off, at least for English speakers, is “e.” A Beautiful Outlaw is a variation on a lipogram, wherein you refrain from using any of the letters in a certain name.”

So it’s a lipogram/Beautiful Outlaw. Fun to think of words. Next time I shall attempt a better poem worthy of the name. (Many words were taken from a chapter of Rifkin’s The Third Industrial Revolution, which is one of my current reads.)

* * *

Some folks are participating in a Couplets blog tour, coordinated by Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot Books. Angie Werren will be sharing her micro-poetry space at feathers with other poets. Sherry Chandler is also participating. Do give a read.

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