Stoney Moss

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April 25

The city changes hourly

We’re not like that, we living things,
shining loss is now a thing to be praised.

Life might be so. Quick and neat. Calm
this morning, we know we saw radio waves

reunite with their shadows. The sky clouds.
Thunder distorts their words. Every day,

dirt prints on the kitchen floor.
There is no kindness compares to silence.

We are in love with the idea of trees,
and trees grieve their leaves far longer.

A bruise creeps up our big sky,
bent boughs beneath this ashen dusk.

* * *

Maureen suggested a centro after yesterday’s hard work. So I lifted lines from Beth Adams (her prose is often poem), Kathleen Kirk by way of Dave Bonta’s poetry-book-a-daySherry ChandlerJoseph HarkerDave BontaJill CrammondLuisa A. IgloriaDale FavierCatherine FitchettCarolee Bennett SherwoodDick Jones (whose first book is due from Phoenicia Publishing next week. Congratulations, Dick!) and James Brush. Do read the original text/poems, which are rich in image and meaning and heart.

* * *

Some folks are participating in a Couplets blog tour, coordinated by Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot Books. Angie Werren will be sharing her micro-poetry space at feathers with other poets. Sherry Chandler is also participating. Do give a read.


  1. Wonderful. I love the concept and the way it came out so perfectly. And thanks for including one of my lines ;)

    Now, I need to go read all the source material.

  2. I spotted my line before I spotted that it was a cento – nicely done.

  3. Honored. Thanks. I’m so glad you did this in April!