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It’s been a busy time, but clearly not for blogging.

I’ve volunteered to help with an online version of the VoiceCatcher organization’s journal. So I may be playing with Stoney Moss to test themes and pages so I don’t muck up the existing VoiceCatcher weblog.

I may be asking some of you for some advice or help if I can’t find what I need on the WordPress forums. Hopefully we (I) keep it simple enough — so that someone else can take over and not find a mess — that it is easy to implement, update, manage: do!

No word on the job front, so I am hoping to do much of this work in July. And I have another trip planned for July to see my mom. Who is doing okay, but is pretty frail.

Oh, and I finally got a replacement camera — another basic non-SLR digital — so hope to post more photos and soon.

AND peeing in the woods is coming along!! If you haven’t already: Please take a survey!


  1. hello Stoney~ it’s good to stop by again. i’ve just begun blogging again a few weeks ago myself. good luck with your project. it sounds exciting. i’m sure you’ll do well. look forward to seeing your pictures. have a great night~

  2. i love hearing about all your wonderful projects, and that role with voice catcher sounds terrific!! (playing with themes is FUN!!)

  3. The survey has taken me aback a bit…! But good to hear from you. :)