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(Ahem) A reading!

Wowza and a-yowza!

I get to participate in the first Lents International Farmer’s Market Poetry Reading, on Sun. Aug. 26, from 11-12pm.

The lineup!

Kristin Berger
Nancy Flynn
Graham Murtaugh
Deb Scott
Scot Siegel
Meredith Stewart

There will be other poetry offerings in addition to the reading! A prompt table, a poetry-on-demand-booth (with all donations going to the market), a table for author books (not mine, since it is invisible) but for the other readers!

Many and huge thanks to organizers Kristin and Meredith!


The market is on the corner of SE 92nd & SE Foster, just west of I-205/Green Line Max station. Parking is on the street and behind the Masonic Lodge on 92nd. Here’s the map!¬†And here’s another link to information about the market.


  1. Cool! Will video be posted?