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dusting this place off

Oof. There’s a layer of dust on this space.

I’m happy to announce that my short poem “The Hostile Witness” is now showing at Right Hand Pointing‘s Question Issue (along with my betters, Angie WerrenHowie Good and others.).

Other updates:

Progress is being made on the journal template for VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices and visions. My HTML skills are improving, as is learning to ask the right questions.

I’ve helped a writing friend create her own website, playing it forward for the kindness others have shown me.

I’ve hiked tons this year. More than I ever have in one year. Ten alone with my hiking buddy and another two with other pals, and I can’t even count how many Sport and I did on our own. Two were aborted because of 1) snow in June and 2) badly written/followed directions. I have lots of photos to show you. But first I must edit them. Organize them. Somehow.

I totaled my family car, my dear Subaru Impreza; I can’t go out alone on all-day hikes now as it leaves my husband on foot. No fair since he has been struggling with a bad Achilles tendon and can’t walk far, much less bicycle. We are exploring other options. Two-wheeled short-trip options.

I am still not working for pay. My house should be cleaner than it is. The yard has gotten quite a bit of attention, and although there are few new plantings, the weeds have been hacked at and the bushes trimmed. The tomatoes have gone crazy as have my husband’s peppers. His salsa is awesome, so is my spaghetti sauce. Before the rain sets in I need to repaint the window trim (but first finding someone to fix three spots of dry rot – egads!) and clean out my garden shed. I also need to finish clearing/cleaning my two desk areas. The attic is clean (thanks to a fundraising-for-a-cure-for-cystic-fibrosis garage sale that I obsessed about in June. I will probably repopulate it with desk stuff.

I’m not writing as much as I’d like to be, but am editing a fair amount. Could always be better, in terms of quality and quantity.

Mom is okay. Sliding down that low grade slope, but holding on.

Those are the highlights, and lowlights.




  1. It’s good to see you back, at least. Hope you’ll keep your faithful readership posted. :)

  2. Yes, good to see you back, and I like the RHP piece. Congrats.