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another overdue update

I’ve been working on VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions for some time now.

It’s live. As of today. And I am pleased with the results.

Rumors are that others are happy, too.

Do take a look and a read.

* * *

I have a temporary solution to employment. That started today, too.

* * *

I am healing from a temporary solution to the laws of physics. I owe my friends a detailed explanation. If I were braver I would write it here, but I am still worried that my readers occasionally include naysayers and critics and tattletales.

Why indeed do I have this space? I will have to create some kind of code. And send emails to the rest of my friends.


  1. Deb, that sounds dire! The journal looks good, but the first link in the sidebar of the new issue leads to a 404 – the one for To the Friend Who Talked Me Down by Amy Schutzer. The others seem to work.

    • Thanks, Dave. I had some other quirky links and missed that one. Ugh. I had it all perfect, then made a last minute tweak that was like pulling a thread. I should have gotten someone to automate something for me. Live and learn. I will have to ask for some funds from the organization to do some of the things that need to be dobe.