Myanmar police fire rubber bullets at peaceful protesters in major cities

The protest in Burma has taken a new dimension, as security forces have turned to violence. On Tuesday, police were seen using rubber bullets against peaceful protesters. 

Rubber bullets used on Myanmar demonstrators

Security officials in Myanmar are seen shooting rubber bullets at demonstrators in the capital city of Nay Pyi Taw as many defied the military government ban on any demonstration. Social media is also awash with videos and pictures of police tear-gassing peaceful demonstrators. 

However, some have alleged that police are using bullets, but these have remained unconfirmed. An aged woman has been admitted to the clinic with severe head injuries. The protesters are calling for the leader, President, and NLD members to be released. 

Tuesday was the fifth day of intense demonstrations with many coming from large distances. Although the government has banned the protest and invoked night-curfews many citizens have refused to back down. The general in charge of the interim government has issued veiled threats that nobody will be spared when caught. 

Leaders have to be released before protest stop-Protestors

Unless the leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other NLD members are set free, no one knows when the demonstrations will end. The NLD has said its offices in Yangon were damaged beyond repair by the army. The nation's tv MRTV said that many policemen have been injured while trying to send violent protesters home. It said some police vehicles have been destroyed by an irate crowd. 

A Yangon resident, Min, 19  said the situation in the community was tense and sad 

'' I fear that security has been compromised, and we no longer feel safe again. There have been fights between police and demonstrators which have led to multiple arrests. '' She lamented. Many citizens can be seen shouting  ''End military rule' while some throw papers and sticks at policemen. Security fired warning shots first before resorting to rubber bullets after the citizens stood their ground.