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Poland courts insist Holocaust historians must apologize

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The Holocaust by the Nazis remains one of the most terrifying news. However, historians in Poland have gotten into some trouble after falsely accusing a dead mayor of betrayal. 

Historians must apologize for false write-up - Polish Judge 

A polish court has mandated some Holocaust historians to apologize to a relative of a dead village head. This comes after the historians blamed the dead man for conniving with Germans in WW2. The court in Warsaw found both historians guilty of false accusation and defamation, but they weren't told to pay any charges. 

However, the Global Holocaust Remembrance Centre 'Yad Yashem' has insisted the case was needless and was an attack of intellectual study. The historians called Professors Barbara Engelking and Jan Grabowski have the right to appeal, however, they are yet to decide their next decision. 

The case was brought by an 81-year-old Filomena Leszczynska who felt the story written by the Historians was a slap on her dead relative. The Holocaust has consumed more than 5 million Jews, with more than had of them being Jews. Poland has a huge Jewish population with many of German ancestry.

A family member says the betrayal story is false 

The controversial book 'ought without end' which was based on a statement by a survivor of Holocaust said the dead man, Edward Malinowski snitched on 25 Jews and revealed their location to the German army. When found, all 25 Jews were murdered. 

However, Mrs. Leszczynska the historians lied because his family member has been acquitted of the charge in an earlier trial. Polish citizens are the largest Jew community said to have saved many people from Nazi executions. 

Yad Vashem insisted that such honor wasn't entirely deserved because very few Polish Jews showed help during the turbulent times. About 4 million Poles died in the Holocaust wars. This case has further cast doubts on history relating to war crimes and fake stories peddled.