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Some solutions to record your favorite TV program

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With an average of nearly four hours of television per day, the French are undoubtedly one of the world's most popular TV audiences. However, their daily occupations do not allow them to be on time in front of their screens to follow a favorite series or show. The news that can make them smile is the existence of several alternatives to not miss the favorite TV programs. One of the most famous is the recording of the program in question. Read this article to get the details.

Various options for recording your favorite TV program

Most viewers prefer recording their favorite TV programs in order to watch them later, when they have free time, without the need to wait for the replay. To do this, there are a number of methods, the most effective and fastest of which is described below.
Use the USB key: this material can be used to record your TV program to review it in your free time on the same device. To achieve this, it is first essential to check that your TV has a USB port and a PVR function. Continue reading the on this site. After you are sure of all these requirements, you will have to opt for either recording according to the TV guide or recording the live broadcast program.

Explanations of each of the two recording options

Recording a program according to the TV guide: most TVs have a program guide that allows you to know the time when your favorite program will be on. This is done in a few simple steps, namely selecting the menu button followed by selecting the "TV" button. Then, use the TV guide to choose your favorite program, and press "record" or "record series" depending on your TV. By doing this, your TV will self-program itself to save everything that happens during the time of your series or show.
Record a program in progress: there are two options to record a live program. The first is to press the "record" button on your remote to start recording. The second option is to press "OK" on your remote control, followed by "record" on your screen.