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Which verification tool to use for your email ?

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Do you have a growing email list with low open and click-through rates ? So, your list may need to be cleaned up. Here are 3 email address verification tools you can use.

Email Inspector

Email Inspector is an email list verification tool that aims to help marketers, small and large businesses ensure that they only send emails to real users. It helps to separate low quality addresses from high value contacts. But before, try to ask yourself this question : What Is an Email Checker ? By consulting the site, you save more. In general, Email Inspector provides technology that promotes email best practices and improves deliverability. The goal is to ensure that customers with opt-in contacts get their message in the inbox and prevent everyone else from hitting the send button. Email Inspector is an indispensable tool for webmarketers. It allows them to clean and verify addresses to improve email deliverability and run a more effective email campaign.


ZeroBounce is a tool committed to increasing your open rates and ROI through proven methods. ZeroBounce checks for spam traps, emails that return hard bounces, and addresses that mark emails as spam at aggressive rates. It also removes fake and misspelled email addresses. Its validation of emails is accurate (98%), and it is an artificial intelligence that is responsible for evaluating emails. In addition, the platform has many powerful deliverability tools. Zerobounce offers a free version up to 100 email addresses per month.


Hunter is a prospecting tool that includes an email validator to help clear your inbox. The delivery rate of your prospecting campaign will be improved. Its main purpose is to help you find email addresses for company leads through domain, first and last name, and email address searches. The email verification tool detects invalid addresses, ephemeral emails, banned emails and emails with a high bounce rate. Furthermore, this system has been designed to be as complete as possible, with validations at several levels. You can even do bulk checks once Hunter services are installed.